Notice on Time Adjustment:

As a plurality of domestic associations plan to attend our exhibition, but due to the tight time, it is recommended that the Organizing Committee adjust the exhibition time. After the negotiation from the Organizing Committee, GILE 2018 has been adjusted to August 18-20, 2019 (tentative). Sorry for the Inconvenience caused! Please be aware.

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Exhibition Scope

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Animal Husbandry:
(1)Veterinary drugs / vaccines / animal health products and veterinary drug production / processing / packaging machinery / equipment / materials / veterinary equipment;
(2)Feeding equipment / ventilation equipment / temperature control equipment / environmental control equipment / standardization of aquaculture plant design and engineering construction;
(3)Animal products processing and refrigeration equipment / traceability systems / food safety testing equipment;
(4) Relevant technical equipment for livestock utilization of biomass energy;
(5) Livestock and poultry production materials & livestock and poultry product packaging materials, packaging machinery and related transportation equipment.
Feed Industry:
(一)Feed Processing Equipment and New Technology
(1)New technologies / new products / new process and feed formulation technologies for the feed industry;
(2)Livestock and poultry/aquaculture/pet feed production technology, feed machinery and complete equipment processing machinery, automation equipment,Packaging metering equipment;
(3)Grinding technology, granulation and deep-processing equipment for forage/food/grain/potato and other raw materials;
(4)Livestock and poultry / aquatic / pet food product quality testing equipment, microcomputer control systems and hardware and software;
(5) Quantitative packaging/loading/storage/transportation systems and transmission equipment and components;
(6)Quality inspection, powder explosion proof and on-site safety equipment in feed production process;
(7)New Energy, Biomass Granulation Energy, Biofuels, and Biotechnology and Systems in Environmental Engineering.
(二)Feed, Feed Raw Materials and Feed Additive Products, Pet Feed, Special Animal Feed
(1)Concentrated feeds, vitamins, premixes;
(2)Feed grain, fiber raw materials, plant protein raw materials, animal protein raw materials;
(3)Enzyme preparations,nutrient additives, growth promotion, pharmaceutical health additives, feed preservation additives,Processing auxiliary additives, other food additives;
(4)Animal health products, veterinary drugs, pharmaceutical additives.